Making the right Choices!

January of 2011 my little Dragon Rider started at a Pre-School that I went to when I was his age. I thought it would be good for him to go to the schools I went to because I turned out just fine!

So we enrolled to a local Pre-School and started our new lifestyle of routine and daily schooling. In the beginning the school seemed great but Little Dragon Rider did not seem to be making friends or fitting in very well. The teacher he had was constantly putting him down and telling me “there’s something wrong” with my child. We went for assessments and testing(requested by the School) and found nothing “wrong”! We handed the teacher the report from the assessor thinking that would be the end of that!! A few weeks went by and suddenly i was being handed documentation on ADD and ADHD with comments like “I thought you may be Interested in reading this” or “This is a very interesting article you might like”… thick documents on ADD and ADHD, Nutrition and Feeding of ADD and ADHD children!!WTF???? Read the bloody reports woman… what part of there is NOTHING WRONG with my child do you not get???

To cut a really long story short, we lasted until the beginning of the 3rd term when I walked into class on a Friday afternoon to be confronted in-front of another Parent and other children by a shouting teacher saying “I have no idea what got into him today but I can’t cope with it anymore!” I was completely distraught, called AF who told me to get our Little boy out of there. We went to school again on Tuesday after doing inquiries at various other schools and setting up appointments.I gave a class mate a lift to school and whilst driving to school I was informed by a 5yr old little girl “I think you need to take him out of school until he can learn to be less irritating and learn to listen properly!” OMG…really???

Wednesday we went to view a new school and Friday my Little Dragon Rider had his first trial day at the new school! He came home happy, singing and talking about his “NEW BEST FRIEND” The weekend went well, no fighting or shouting, Monday and Tuesday came and went with a breeze and his “3 Day Trial” was over. I met with the staff at the school who gave me awesome feedback and it was decided that we would start school on the Thursday. My Little Dragon Rider has been there ever since and it was the best choice I as a mother could ever have made. The change in behaviour, attitude and manners are Phenomenal and it has made this little venture worth every penny in the world. I cannot describe how awesome it has been to find a school that focuses on the complete needs of my child… Selling my Soul would never compare to Choice I have made!!

Love and Light

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