2014 A New Journey Begins

Hello All,

It has been a while since my last post. Alot has happened in the space of this year, 2014. So let me give you a brief overview of what to expect in my next few posts. I have met an amazing amount of gorgeous people, people who have proven to be an intricate part of my life. People who have given me strength and a new meaning to life and what it is about. I have found true friends, realised I have friends I never knew I had and…..I have lost, very recently actually my Dearest Best Friend (CM) over money.. BUT that’s an entry all on its own I think…

So let me start off by going back a little to around the end of October 2013…

(GG) introduced me to an article written in a magazine called FCM that had this breathtaking picture of a man running on the beach with a line of Huskies attached to a sled. This is an image imbedded in my mind forever, it is a picture that brough me to the journey I am embarking now and let me tell you guys, this is an amazing journey.


In late October of 2013 I took my family down to a little beach in Kommetjie to see what this man was doing with all these Huskies and OMG I fell inlove.. NOT with the man guys but with these amazingly gorgeous creatures and what they were all doing and how they were doing it. (DR) obviously fell inlove with the idea that he could be a part of all this and hopped onto the sled for the most amazing experience of his life. He got pulled up and down the beach on a sled by Huskies, I mean really, what kid would miss out on an opportunity like that? (DR) arrived back from his little sled adventure and got stuck into helping with the Huskies, he gave them each a bowl of water, stood by and watched them drink and then helped load them all up into their trailer to be taken back home to their owners. There were about 10 Huskies in total, all different types and all with their own amazing markings. This all happened on a Thursday night and we were hooked for life. For a good few weeks (DR) and I religiously took a drive 4 times a week to the 2 different beaches the Huskies go Mushing on. We helped, we got involved and we fell deeper and deeper inlove with this new venture in our lives.

(DR) continued to go to school and his attitude changed in a big way, he became calmer and more focused and his teacher noticed a drastic change so I knew life was finally going in the right direction.
In mid December 2013 we lost one of our beautiful furbabies to a seaizure, her name was Zoe. My family was shattered from her loss, Zoe was a part of our lives for 13yrs and unfortunately the Universe decided it was her time to go… A very sad time for us all. Towards the end of December I came across a Husky male needing a home urgently but to cut a long story short we adopted a Husky named Levi… and so our new journey with MIU began.. this was the start of an amazingly awesome and gorgeous journey with our furbaby Husky Family.

Love and Light


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