Hello Bloggers,

My Best Friend(CM) is a Web Designer and has designed so many web sites that I decided I needed to give it a try… She has been a great Inspiration to me and made me realise I am capable of doing anything I put my mind to and this is something I have always been interested in and something I have always wished I had more Knowledge about. Anyway, I figured the only way to learn is by building something myself…. A blog!! Well now it has been difficult but I am getting there slowly.

I am doing this mostly on my own and really have no idea what exactly the outcome is going to be but it is a project in the making and going to take me a while to learn. I have noticed there is alot of reading…which i am NO good at at all but I will learn…lol!! My blog is a dedication to my son Atrayhu an I hope that eventually one day when I am gone he will something special to remember me by. This Blog is going to be the story of my life… I will Blog about the past, the present, the future, recipes I love, people I love, My passions and my dislikes.

I hope all my readers will be patient while I learn and whilst I go through a transition of changes and I hope you all enjoy reading whilst also learning a little more about me….. An Endangered Angel!!


Happy reading….

Love and Light



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